Lunch menu

GRILLED SANDWICHES white or wholegrain

Beemster cheese
Farmers ham and Beemster cheese 5,75
Spanish , old Beemster cheese, serranoham, pine nuts, arugula 6,75
Italian mozzarella, tomato, basil,pesto, arugula  6,75
Mexican cheese, minced meat, salsa, guacamole 6,75
Chicken Chicken, cheese, satésauce, peppers, fried onion 7,50
Croque monsieur 8,50

Roasted tomato soup 6,50
French onion soup with croutons 7,50

Farmers bread white/ wholegrain
Aged cheese, pine nuts, cucumber, honey mustard sauce 7,50
Filet american 
homemade, egg, pepper, mayonnaise 12,50
Carpaccio, pesto, pine nuts, parmesan, truffle mayonnaise 12,50
Tuna salad, red onion, egg, mayonnaise 9,75
Roasted salmon, lettuce, cream of acocado, cucumber, coriander mayonnaise 10,50

Club sandwich classic, chicken, bacon,tomato, mesclun, egg 13,75
Club sandwich smoked salmon, creamcheese, cucumber, red onion, mesclun 13,75
Club sandwich veggie, mesclun, hummus, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, chimichurrie 11,50                                                   

Pulled chicken, little gem, mangochutney, yellow curry, coriander mayonnaise  14,50
Beef burger, little gem, 1000 island, bacon, pickles, red onion,tomato jelly 15,50
Falafel burger, little gem, hummus,avocado cream, cucumber, tomato salsa 12,50
Sandwich d’Oude Waegh, salami, onion, paprika,cheese, gratinated 10,50
Two croquettes of veal served with bread and mustard 9,50
Croquettes of shrimp, served with bread and rouille sauce 12,50
Pulled pork, red cabbage salad, bbq sauce 14,50
Thai curry,chicken, naan bread, cucumber, mango chutney 12,50

Carpaccio, cherry tomato, red onion, pine nuts, parmesan cheese 15,50
Goat cheese salad, blueberry, cherry tomato, fig balsamic dressing 15,50
Fruit de mer, Different kinds of fish, red onion, capers, spring onion 16,5


Frittata, vegetables pancetta, basil 9,50
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Fried eggs naturel 6,75
Cheese + 1,00
Ham + 1,00
Bacon + 1,00

Rigatoni carbonara,
pancetta, parmesan cheese 15,50
Rigatoni pesto,
 parmesan cheese 15,50
Rigatoni All Amatriciana,
parmesan cheese 15,50


Dame blanche, 
vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce 6,50
Sorbet, fresh fruit, sorbet icecream, applejuice 7,50
Ben & Jerry’s 2,85

1 sandwich with sweets, jelly or peanut butter 2,50
Frikadelletjes, small croquette or chicken nuggets with fresh french fries  7,50
Poffertjes, butter, powdered sugar 5,00
Raketje 1,50
Perenijsje 1,50
Schatkistje 2,50


 Bread and dippers  aioli, tapenade butter 7,50
Nacho’s sour cream, salsa, guacamole 8,75
Nacho cheese sour cream,salsa, guacamole 10,50
Nacho’s pulled chicken cheddar, bbq sauce 12,50

Gamba’s al ajillo 
shrimp, tomato, garlic, spring onion 12,50
Sashimi salmon wakame seaweed, soy dressing, wasabi 13,50
Beef carpaccio arugula, pesto, parmesan cheese, truffle mayonnaise 12,50
Buratta tomato, salsa verde, basil, balsamic, sourdough bread 12,50
Platter to share a selection of our starters 34,50

Roasted tomato soup 6,50     
French onionsoup cheese croutons  7,50

Goat cheese, blueberries, cherry tomato, fig – balsamic-dressing 15,50
Capaccio salad, cherry tomato, red onion, pine nuts, parmesan cheese 15,50
Fruit de mer , different kinds of fish, red onion, caper apple, spring onion 14,50
Beef Teriyaki, mushrooms, soya beans, bean sprouts, spring onion 16,50

Round steak, bordelaise  sauce, vegetables 22,50
Steak of veal, rosemary sauce, polenta,  23,50
Chickensaté, chicken thighs, atjar, cassave 18,50
Beef burger little gem, 1000 island, bacon, pickles, tomato, tomato jelly, fried onion rings 15,50
Nachos todos minced meat, avocadocream ,jalapeño, onion, tomato, cheddar 17,50
Nachos todos vegetarian, avocadocream, onion ,olives, tomato, cheddar 16,50
Salmon filet, risotto, honey – mustard – sauce 22,50
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Rigatoni carbonara, pancetta, parmesan cheese 15,50
Rigatoni pesto,
parmesan cheese 15,50
Rigatoni All Amatriciana,
parmesan cheese 15,50

Japanese stir-fry wakadori , udon noodles, shiitake, pak-choi  17,50
Japanese stir-fry gamba’s, udon noodles,shiitake, pak-choi 17,50
Japanese stir-fry veggie vegetables,udon  noodles 15,50

Dame blanche, vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce 6,50
Green apple sorbet,8,50
Schwarzwalder kirsch trifle, brownie, mascarpone, cherries 10,50
Panna cotta, white chocolate, roasted chocolate, raspberry ice cream  9,50


Frikadelletjes, kroketje or chicken nuggets with fresh french fries 7,50
Poffertjes with butter and sugar 5,00
Raketje 1,50
Perenijsje 1,50
Schatkistje 2,50